Restorative Yoga
Friday  Jan 24th
Friday Feb 28th
Friday March 27th
@ The tree of life Malahide
7.30-9.15pm   25 euros
 candelight yoga
This candlelight practice is simply about relaxing. Friday night is a great time to let go of tension and stress and take time to be quiet and still and notice and observe whats going on inside. The tools of a yin practice really help to slow down the nervous system from all the external and internal stimulation, so we can access our inner ease no matter what challenges we may be experiencing in our lives. 
Using the tools of a restorative practice , resting on bolsters to recharge the energy of the adrenals and digestive energy and to connect to that softness and fluidity we experience in the body when our mind has the opportunity to rest in its natural ease. Please join Me for this extended deep relaxation practice. 
With Maggie Dunne.



Return to light
Winter solstice Yoga Workshop.
Take time out to slow down and honour the returning of the light! Slow flowing sun salutations and Forward folding Yoga Workshop 

Sat Dec 21st 11 - 1.30pm  30 euros Samadhi yoga Temple bar
(please book through

Sat Dec. 21, is the winter solstice, which of course, marks the

beginning of the winter season. This magical changing of seasons has been celebrated for years, with traditions and rituals that honor the rising winter sun. Lets celebrate this occasion together to honor and respect all that nature does for us.
Instead of resisting the extra darkness that this day brings, open your heart, welcome the change, and turn inward with intention to allow your body to adapt to this sacred time of year, slow down, let go of what no longer serves you, and create the space to breathe.

In this practice we will gently flow through some sun salutations and variation of standing and seated Forward folding poses encouraging introspection and a calm mind, stretch the entire backside of the body - from head to heels. ...soothe the nervous system tone and stimulate the internal organs. ..increase circulation to the pelvic organs. We will end with a few restorative poses and a nice yoga nidra so you will be calm and relaxed for Christmas!



New Years Workshops!

Kundalini Yoga for Strenght, Power,

Willpower and Determination for 2020!

Tree of Life Malahide 30 euros
January 11th @ 2.30 -5pm


Samadhi Yoga Temple Bar

Jan 19th Sunday @ 3.30 - 6pm


 Please join me for an afternoon of uplifting Kundalini Yoga, this is a fun set, with lots of variations on poses, chanting, breathwork , mantras and Meditation.

Take time after the busyness of Christmas and New years to centre, balance and strenghten yourself for the year ahead. This practice is a energising flow of postures that help to detox the body , strenghten the 3rd chakra and to bring us into alignment with our authentic self  to start of  the new year with a clear mind and a strong body. Allow the strenght and insight to come through you for any changes we would like to chip away at for this new year ahead as we take a little time at the end of the workshop to write any seeds of intention for 2020!




(mindfulness based stress reduction)

Course date: Date to be decided. 10.30 -1pm

Cost: 295.00 euros  Limited Numbers

Venue: Tree of Life Malahide

Facilitator: Maggie Dunne


Practicing mindfulness helps us to develop inner resources such as clarity and stability which we can draw on through the ups and downs of life.  It can ‘wake us up’ to aspects of our everyday experience which we miss when we are constantly lost in our thoughts. It allows us to be present for the good times, and it gives us awareness of what supports or interventions might be needed when times are tough. With practice we become better equipped to be present to life as it is, and to respond with more kindness and wisdom to whatever comes along.

The eight- week programme of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction was developed by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre in 1979. The course is suitable for those with prior meditation experience and those who have none. It introduces participants to different forms of mindfulness practice including sitting meditation, body awareness and gentle mindful movement. The classes also include explorations of how stress manifests in our lives. As the emphasis is on bringing mindful awareness into everyday life, a commitment to home daily practice of thirty to forty minutes is required.

Research has shown that committed participation in an eight-week mindfulness course can have lasting positive effects on health and well-being.

The course includes:

• 7 x 2 1/2 hour classes (weeks 1 – 7)
• 1 x 3 hour class (week 8 continues to 10pm)
• A full Day of Mindfulness on Sat/Sun from 10.15 am -4.00 pm (date to be decided)
• an initial orientation to determine if this is the right course at the right time for you, as this is an intense course in Mindfulness Meditation
• CDs/Audio links and workbook to support your practice.

Over the eight weeks of the program, the practices help you to:

  • become familiar with the workings of your mind, including the ways we avoid or get caught up in difficulties.
  • notice the times when you are at risk of getting caught in old habits of mind that re-activate downward mood spirals or rachet up anxiety levels.
  • explore ways of releasing yourself from those old habits and enter a different way of being.
  • get in touch with a different way of knowing yourself and the world.
  • notice small beauties and pleasures in the world around you instead of living in your head.
  • be kind to yourself instead of wishing things were different all the time, or driving yourself to meet impossible goals.
  • find a way so you don’t have to battle with yourself all the time.
  • accept yourself as you are, rather than judging yourself all the time.
  • be able to exercise greater choice in life.

Effects of developing mindfulness include;

  • Lasting decreases in physical and psychological symptoms
  • An increased ability to relax
  • Reductions in pain levels and an enhanced ability to cope with pain that may not go away
  • Greater energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Improved self-esteem
  • An ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations.
  • Enhanced interpersonal relationships
  • Increased ability to manage anxiety and depression and/or low mood
  • Reduced tension
  • Better sleep
  • Greater sense of meaning and purpose in life’